Learn How To Add Mods To Minecraft With These Simple Steps

how to add mods to Minecraft

Initially launched in 2009, Minecraft has come a long way in the last decade. Minecraft is a flexible video game with endless opportunities for creativity and customization on the players’ end. No wonder, it is a prominent name in the world of video games today.

Modifications (Mods) in Minecraft, further enhance the attraction of the game. Mods modify the original version of Minecraft by allowing players to add an exquisite touch to their game. They can alter a wide range of the game’s features and graphics.

Are you wondering how to add mods to Minecraft? Don’t worry; it’s not as difficult as you would think!

Adding mods to Minecraft

Before you move on to learn how to add mods to Minecraft, you must first think about the kind of alterations you need in the game. The nature of the changes you want determines the mods you would need.

Another factor to consider while learning how to add mods to Minecraft is the device you use to play Minecraft. Different devices have different Operating Systems (OS), and, thus, the process of adding mods varies accordingly.

Here’s the simplest way of adding mods to Minecraft on a desktop, android device, and iOS. Let’s get started!

how to add mods to Minecraft

Adding mods to Minecraft on your desktop

If you’re a desktop-player, then lucky you! Learning how to add mods to Minecraft is going to be a smooth sailing process for you.

Whether you own a Windows PC or a Mac OS, the steps for adding mods to Minecraft remain the same. Just pay attention to these simple steps, and you’ll master the art of adding mods to Minecraft on your desktop.

Step 1. Before you add mods to Minecraft, you need to ensure that you can utilize the mods you add to the game. How can you do that? By installing Minecraft Forge on your desktop.

You can find the software on the official website of Minecraft. According to the Minecraft version on your desktop, you can download the version of Forge recommended for it.

Step 2. Once you’ve installed Forge, you can move on to choosing a mod you want. You can find several websites that offer mods for Minecraft. However, many of them are not safe for your desktop. Minecraft’s website community verifies mods that are safe for downloading, and it is advisable that you choose one of them.

Minecraft Mods is one of the websites you can trust while downloading mode for Minecraft.

Step 3. As you download your mods, they are automatically saved in your default download location. Find the mods files there, and copy them. Then, go to your home screen and open the Minecraft Launcher application.

Step 4. In the Minecraft Launcher application, find and select “Launch Options” from the top-right of the window. On the window that appears next, find and select “Latest Release.”

Step 5. A smaller window will appear on your screen. Select “Browse” from the “Game Directory,” and then you will be directed to the location of all Minecraft game folders.

If you find the “Mods” folder there, open it. If not, create a new “Mods” folder and open it. Once you’ve opened the folder, paste the mods files you’ve copied from your download location.

Step 6. Once the mods files are pasted in the folder, close the folder. Close the Minecraft Launcher as well, and then re-open it.

Upon re-opening the app, look for “Profile” to the right of “Play,” select it. A pop-up menu will appear on your screen, with several options. From the menu, select “Minecraft Forge.” Then select the version you’ve downloaded in the first step.

Step 7. The mods you downloaded are now loaded in your game and will be applied automatically. Go ahead and press “Play!”

Now that you’ve learned how to add mods to Minecraft on your desktop, you can download and use as many mods as you want to make Minecraft more interesting. There’s nothing stopping you from being a pro gamer now!

Minecraft Mods

Adding mods to Minecraft on your Android device

If you’re an Android user, follow these steps to learn how to add mods to Minecraft on your Android device:

Step 1. On an Android device, you need to download a third-party app to add mods to Minecraft. To do that, you must first go to “Settings” and allow app installation from unknown sources.

Step 2. Then, open Google Play Store and enter “BlockLauncher” in the search bar. You will find the app in the results that appear. You’ll just have to install it. Make sure to read the reviews before installing the app.

Step 3. Open the Google Chrome browser. Enter http://mcpedl.com/category/mods/ in the Address bar and hit “Search.”

Then, you will be directed to the MCPE DL website. You can choose mods and add-ons for Minecraft and then download them by clicking on the links provided on this website.

Step 4. Once you’ve downloaded the mods files, open the BlockLauncher app on your device. As the app opens, you will find a wrench icon on the top of the screen, indicating “Settings.”

Press on the icon to open the “Settings” menu. From the menu, select “Manage ModPE Scripts.”

Step 5. Once you land on the next page, you will find a switch on the top-right of your screen. Switch it on to allow mod management.

You will find a floating “+” icon towards the bottom, press it to add mod scripts on the app. Select “Local Storage” and find the mods files you downloaded in the third step. If you have downloaded more than one mod, you will have to add them one-by-one.

Step 6. On your Minecraft app, tap “Play”> “Create New”> “Create New World.” Your mods will then be added to your game automatically.

With this, we come to an end of our guide on how to add mods to Minecraft for Android device users.

Adding mods to Minecraft on your iOS

Much like an Android device, and iOS also needs a third-party app to add mods to Minecraft. If you’re an iOS user and you play Minecraft on your smartphone, follow these steps to learn how to add mods to Minecraft on an iOS device.

Step 1. Open your App Store, search for MCPE Addons app. Once you find the app, press “Get” to download it to your device.

Open the app, find the “Search” icon on the bottom of the screen, and look for the mod you want.

Step 2. Once you find the mod you’re looking for, press “Download.” If an ad appears, wait for a while. When you’re redirected to the page, click “Install” to download the mod file.

Step 3. Open the Minecraft app on your device. When the app opens, the mod will automatically start being imported to your game.

Wait for the import to complete, then tap “Play”> “Create New”> “Create New World.”

And there you have it! You have learned how to add mods to Minecraft on your iOS in three simple steps and are good to go.


The addition of mods to Minecraft enhances your experience of the game by altering and modifying several aspects of its original version. By following the simple steps mentioned above, you can learn how to add mods to Minecraft on different devices and transform your gaming adventures.

Happy gaming!


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