How to get Free Robux Online – An Honest Review

how to get free robux

Is there really a way to get free Robux? For fans of the best-selling game, Roblox, this is a question we’ve all asked ourselves a million times. We are always in the lookout for opportunities to improve our overall game play, and it seems that getting Robux is at the heart of doing exactly that.

In playing Roblox, we’ve probably all encountered a dozen ads or accounts saying they got Robux for free. So, that question is always at the back of our minds—is there a working method on how to get free Robux online?

A quick sweep of the internet will give you a dozen of websites claiming they’re your ticket to getting Robux for free. Robux, as you know, is normally only obtained through the Robux shop, which asks you to pay real money in exchange for their in-game currency.

While Roblox is fun, no doubt, it does seem very wasteful at times to pay for every purchase, or even to pay a premium every month so you can afford the items you like in-game. This is where wanting free Robux comes in—if you can just find a way on how to get free Robux online, you won’t have to worry anymore about financing the things you need from your account!

We are here, then, to see if there is any truth behind the claims of these ads, websites, accounts, even YouTube videos, of giving us free Robux. We will specifically review Robux generators and see if they’re exactly what we need to unlock items we can use to enjoy Roblox even more.

Let’s discover if they’re true to their claims on how to get free Robux online.

How to Get Free Robux Online via Robux Generators

The most common sites you’ll encounter offering free Robux are dubbed “Robux generators.”

As you can surmise from the name itself, these are websites that claim to generate or create Robux out of nothing—meaning, you can get Robux without paying its actual cost.

Some Robux generators include a detailed description of what they do to actually get you your free Robux. These kinds of sites generally seem more reliable, since you are at least given an explanation of what they do and what you can expect from the website. If their arguments are convincing, then it’s easier for you to trust that, with them, you’ll finally find how to get free Robux online.

What they claim to do, in a nutshell, is to trick Roblox’s algorithm into believing that they are sending encrypted data of an actual monetary purchase. This means that Roblox will still consider you to have made a valid Robux purchase using real money, when in fact you were simply using their Robux generator.

To do this, all you need is to give them information, none of which is sensitive data. They usually just ask for your Roblox username, platform of choice, and sometimes the server you are using. They’ll do all the work from then—they’ll be the ones connecting to your account and trying to transact successfully so you can finally have your free Robux!

Sounds neat and exciting, right?

It’s actually a very convincing take on how getting free Robux works. However, things don’t always work out this easily in daily life. In using Robux generators, you have to be warned that hitches happen at some point all the time, and transactions – if they do happen – do not push through. More often than not, websites like this are really just a scam and nothing more.

Let’s have an in-depth review of one free Robux generator website, and test its claims for ourselves—will they get us free Robux? Are they the answer on how to get free Robux online?

Online Robux Generator Review

For this review, we will be looking specifically at, a website that introduces itself as a free Robux generator. We’ll be talking about first impressions for the website, and a quick rehash of how things actually went upon using the website.

Without further ado, let’s dive in!

First Impressions

This website seems to be made to appeal primarily to younger audiences, who actually make up majority of the gaming demographic of Roblox. To achieve a child-like vibe, the website uses bright colors, such as reds, greens, and yellows, as well as fun fonts and pictures. For children who will stumble upon this site, they might certainly perceive it as a good website they can easily trust.

The website also features questions and answers at the bottom part of the page. They detail how their Robux generating tool works, which is essentially that it “sends ‘real’ connections to the game server… giving the impression that you buy Robux with real money, but in fact … [use] the tool that generates your resources without any cost.” So it’s generally what we said earlier—tricking Roblox to believe they’re sending real money.

They also have a section dedicated to outlining their “advantages” as a Robux tool. They argue that through their tool, Robux can be claimed daily and added to multiple platforms. They also mention that they care about their users’ security. The tool does not require anything to be downloaded, which means they are not here to send malware to users’ machines.

To further establish their credibility, the website is straightforward in claiming that unlimited Robux is not possible, and is not something they can do, either.

To use their tool, all you need to do is to give them the following information: your username, platform of choice, and amount of Robux you wish to receive daily. Robux amounts can be anywhere from 1,000 to 100,000.

To summarize, here’s what we think are the good and bad points of this specific website:


  • Child-friendly layout
  • Easy to navigate and user-friendly
  • Explains how the generator is supposed to work
  • No required downloads or sensitive information (e.g., password or location)


  • BIG RED FLAG: Huge contradiction between claim of getting only up to 100 Robux daily and the tool’s amount selector ranging from 1,000 – 100,000 Robux
  • No mention of who the creators are and why they made this
  • Inconsistent grammar which lessens site’s credibility

Actual Experience

We tried using a fake account username for this Robux generator. We intentionally used a non-acceptable username in Roblox – in this case, our username was “1” – to see if it would indicate that it wasn’t a valid account. As you know, Roblox usernames must consist of at least 3 characters, so anything shorter than that is invalid.

Despite the fake username, the website still displayed a progress bar indicating that they were trying to connect to this account. After a few tries, a prompt appeared that the connection was successful, and that Robux is being sent to the fake account. This is obviously impossible, since the account doesn’t exist.

They then went on to say that an error came up—in our case, what they said was that the connection wasn’t successful because they identified unusual traffic from the browser. They wanted to redirect us to another page to “verify our identity” and “claim [we] aren’t a bot” before the transfer occurs.

Now, this part is something that we advise our readers not to do, even just for the sake of trying out if these sites are legitimate or not—we clicked the link, and were directed to a survey tab.

We only took a short glimpse of the new tab that opened, though—clicking on external links is risky, since they might direct you to a download link for a virus. If that pushes through, you might risk putting your machine in danger.

The tab they directed us to was also named “Locked,” which, presumably, may be the kind of tab a person cannot leave unless they finishing answering the survey. The thing is, these surveys are their way of getting money from their users, so the best thing to do is to avoid it altogether—please don’t even attempt to use these websites, if you can.

From this trial, we can conclude that the generator is definitely a scam—accepting our fake username at the start is already a huge indicator.


As with all other free Robux generators, this one is, expectedly, still a sham. It’s meant to trick people into believing they can actually get Robux through their free Robux generator. Kids, who make up majority of the gaming demographic of Roblox, are most susceptible to these gimmicks. They may end up answering survey after survey, thinking that they will get their Robux at the end—but nothing will come, and they only will have wasted their time.

So, still with the question, how to get Robux for free? The answer is, sadly, that there’s no way.

As you can see, there is no easy way to obtain Robux for free—you can only get Robux by actually buying them through the store, through creating a game people can buy items in, or through selling items as a Premium member.

There is no truth behind free Robux generators or any website that claims to give free Robux, for that matter. The best you can do upon encountering one is to report them to Roblox. They are serious in cracking down websites of this sort.

At the end of the day, Roblox is a game anyone can enjoy without having to shell out money. Perhaps we can stay this way, for now, and only use Robux when we can actually buy it, rather than try to find ways to acquire it dishonestly.

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