Best Sims 4 Mods For Heightened Realism

Sims 4 Mods

The Sims 4 is a realism simulator unlike any other game on the market. It’s an ever-evolving, constantly shifting world that has been served by an ample supply of expansion packs and updates from the developers themselves. But, as you would expect, given its popularity, fans of the game – and specifically, its modding community – have truly outdone themselves in the pursuit of the most authentic and gratifying experience possible.

If you are the type of Sims 4 player who is looking to take their experience to another level entirely, perhaps this list will be of interest to you. So without further ado, here are the Best Sims 4 Mods to truly up the ante and give you a heightened sense of realism.

SimDa – Dating App

SimDa – Dating App

Inspired by the real-life dating app Tinder, the SimDa mod offers your Sims the opportunity to take a shot at finding love in the most modern sense of the word. From setting up blind-dates to seeking out a fling on a whim, you’d be surprised how many in-game opportunities this app brings to the table, opportunities that, of course, could also include the possibility of finding that special someone.

Adding an extra dimension of adventure to the game, picking up this Sims 4 Mod could well see your favourite Sim finally settle down with the partner of their dreams. Even if they tell their friends they just met at a bar.

Slice Of Life

Slice Of Life

In Slice Of Life, you are without a doubt looking at the most complete and impressive Sims 4 Mod, in terms of overhauling the existing game to provide more realism. This is the gold standard right here – a mod that a myriad of excellent in-game adjustments including improved reactions, new realistic personality types, a complex menstrual cycle, and, of course, a more vivid depiction of alcohol and its effects. If you download one Sims 4 Mod from this list, consider this one to be the frontrunner.

Height Slider

Height Slider

The Sims 4 offers a lot of different freedoms when it comes to customising your Sims and their appearance but oddly enough, one of the most crucial physical characteristics is completely out of your control. Well, now, thanks to this simple but excellent Sims 4 Mod, Sims will no longer be confined to the same height as all others within their age category.

With sliders that allow you change Sim height as well as options to customise hip and neck size, this mod truly does open so many doors in terms of breathing fresh life into your gaming experience.

SNB – Sim National Bank

At the end of the day, money makes the world go round and in keeping that in mind, this Sims 4 Mod aims to introduce a painfully real emphasis on finances into your game – making it a mod only for the truly committed players amongst you.

The original money system in Sims 4 is surprisingly simple, considering the detail placed into every other aspect of the game itself. SNB adds Sim bank accounts, loans, manual bill paying, and more into the game – leaving you with a mod that is sure to stress your Sim out sufficiently.

More Best Friends

Because who really has just one best friend? This Sims 4 Mod aims to prove that friendships are far from exclusive and that chaining yourself down to one particular Sim just isn’t going to cut it in the long-run.

The existing cap on picking your partner in crime will now simply be replaced by a short cool-down period, leaving you free to expand your social circle with as many best friends as you can handle. Go and become the socialite you always wanted to be!

Pregnancy Overhaul Mod

Of course somebody overhauled the existing pregnancy mechanics! This Sims 4 Mod is a more true-to-life depiction of a pregnancy cycle – removing the admittedly silly baby bump size and walking mechanics in favour of a more realistic and faithful adaptation.

Now, up until your Sim’s third trimester, activities such as swimming and yoga are available to your pregnant Sim – making for a much more engrossing journey towards what will soon be a beautiful new family member for them to enjoy.

Risky Woohoo & Try For Baby Chances

Risky Woohoo & Try For Baby Chances

As a Sims 4 Mod that truly hammers home the fact that life isn’t as simple as woohoo-ing to your heart’s content, the Risky Woohoo mod will at the very least make you think twice about your next romantic encounter.

This mod overhauls the existing reproductive system that Sims 4 originally brought to the table – replacing it with a complex fertility system that is relevant to every Sim in the game. Factors such as a Sim’s fertility level among other factors will contribute to the percentage chance of your woohoo session ending in a pregnancy.

Now, that’s realism, folks!

Extreme Violence

What does this mod do? Well, it’s hard to come up with a more on-the-nose title than the developers did with this one and to be honest; it’s the most adequate description possible. Machine guns, machetes, and every single manner of skull-crushing awfulness imaginable – the good people at Sacrificial Mods have managed to outdo themselves with this gruesome Sims 4 Mod.

Sure, it might not be to everyone’s taste but the introduction of gang-related hits and a ‘serial killer’ trait are sure to be enough to give your Sims 4 experience a healthy – or in this case unhealthy – dose of realism.

Basemental Gangs

Fans of GTA, Breaking Bad, and pretty everything in between will be happy to learn that the criminal empire of your dreams can now become a reality thanks to this expansive Sims 4 Mod from the creators of Basemental Drugs.

Not only can you work your way up the ladder as a drug-dealer to become the head of one of four different criminal gangs, but on top of that, it also adds another layer to the progression with an entirely new skill system based around your abilities to commit illegalities.

Again, it won’t be for everyone, but we’re sure that more than a few of you would love to opportunity to inject some danger into your experience.

Life’s Tragedies

Life’s Tragedies

Life is weird and oftentimes, life is very, very unfortunate. This Sims 4 Mod aims to replicate the tragic aspects of the world as we know – offering up an experience that may involve everything from your Sim getting hit my a careless driver to being murdered senselessly by a renegade maniac.

Of course you can tone down the frequency of these occurrences manually but even still, this mod no doubt rankings among the strangest on the market right now.

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