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How To Become A Better Driver

If you are planning on buying your first or next SUV but you have also created some new pre-car purchasing resolutions stating you want to become a better driver, these next few tips should help you out.


Useful Tips To Driver Better



While you might not yet be the best driver on the roads, you will become better if you will learn to always keep an eye on the rest of the drivers in traffic. Do not fool yourself into thinking everyone around you knows what they are doing. Hope for the best and expect the worst. This way, you will get to improve your instincts and become a lot more defensive driver. You must have noticed all the mistakes others are making around you; do not imitate them just because you can. Do not run a red light just because the driver in front of you suddenly decides to accelerate and go crazy. Always pay attention to all of the potentially harmful situations all around you while on the road and do not use your phone to read emails or do something else that can capture your attention. Visit this interesting site here to learn the latest lottery news online only when you have reached your destination.




Do not get stubborn just because you know you are legally right – get ready to let others pass you by instead of allowing them to put you in dangerous scenarios. Use the horns at all times when necessary and use visual scanning as much as you can, keeping an eye on all the cars behind you and to your side. Read all signs when passing them by and pay attention to the lane markings. Construction areas and potholes are all part of the driving and you will need to be prepared to manage them properly.  Maintain the right distance when driving so you can hit the brake when an emergency rises.    


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  • If possible, stay off the road during heavy thunderstorms. Large flashes of lightning can temporarily blind and disorient drivers, and the accompanying high winds and heavy rain can create deadly driving conditions.

  • Our family van is usually filled at a regular 30-40 PSI depending on road conditions and passenger weight. We've maintained that ever since we first bought it. It has been in the family for 12 years now, and I'm proud that Camilla (that's what we named it) is still sturdy and trustworthy.

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