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2010 Mitsubishi Outlander
The 2010 Mitsubishi Outlander SUV was first launched a few years from the Millennium and was a late-comer to the already existing line-up of small SUVs. Like its contemporaries, the 2010 Mitsubishi Outlander SUV was designed like a car and handled well offering a comfortable ride on the pavement but had limited off-roading abilities. To stand out from the already crowded segment of smaller SUVs, Mitsubishi created the Outlander with a distinct style and a sporty outlook but when compared to other SUVs of its class, the Outlander models offered restricted interior space and the always-short-of-breath-engine was futile in boosting [...]

2010 Kia Sportage
Though the Kia Sportage SUV was first launched in 2005, it went through a series of modifications last year to enhance the drivability, fuel economy and styling. Hence, with the 2010 Kia Sportage SUV, there isn’t much to expect, except a few changes here and there. The latest 2010 Kia Sportage SUV has two trims in base and EX and an optional all-wheel drive. The transformations integrated from last year include a new grille design, body color-matching front and rear bumpers, new alloy wheels, fog lights and new headlamps. Nevertheless, the Sportage has maintained the same essential shape that it [...]

2010 Mercury Mariner
Overview:Even though the 2010 Mercury Mariner SUV has some sought-after characteristics, especially in the technical area, one feels that there are other choices which could be better than the 2010 Mercury Mariner. With an extraordinary list of high-tech treats, sufficient performance and fuel efficiency and remarkable crash test scores, the 2010 Mercury Mariner SUV fails to live up to the expectations of a SUV for the exorbitant price tag it comes with. On the downslide the non-reclining seat which is cumbersome to fold, the sad braking performance and the unremarkable driving experience adds more to the list of woes with [...]

2010 Mazda Tribute
The 2010 Mazda Tribute SUV and its twin the Tribute Hybrid are both low-volume crossover SUVs and Ford has been building them for Mazda right from 2001 from its now maturing but persistently updated Escape and Escape Hybrid platform. (The same platform has also been used for Mercury Mariner and Mariner Hybrid) Revamped for 2008 and fixed immeasurably enhanced engines and transmissions for 2009, the Tribute provides Mazda with an ancient-looking SUV that shares its showroom space with other contemporaries in much more funky and groovy designs. The Tribute Hybrid is the only hybrid SUV vehicle that Mazda can boast [...]

2010 Jeep Compass
While everyone will be looking for some similarity of a jeep, the 2010 Jeep Compass does not quite successfully find distinctiveness for itself and leaves the rest of us confused! Although this SUV has an efficient four-cylinder engine and borrows styles from here, there and everywhere it does not leave an impressive stamp in the minds of SUV lovers! The Jeep Compass was revamped and given a whole new design to the inside and it was really a refreshing change from the boring interior that the Jeep Compass had earlier. However; with all these chalks and changes, the SUV still [...]

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volvo-xc90 Introduced as Volvo’s first SUV back in 2002, the XC90 has been a resounding success. Utilizing all of the traditional safety and comfort values for which Volvo is well known, and then adding more room in the shape of a versatile SUV. For 2010 Volvo made improvements to the model roster with some new standard features. This midsize luxury SUV has an available V-8 and seating for up to seven. The XC90 has plenty of interior space with comfortable seating and the third row seats that fold away into the floor (third row seats are an option on the 3.2L [...]

volkswagen-touareg Volkswagen decided to update the name of its Touareg to Touareg 2 after a 2008 model year refreshing. The Touareg 2 VR6 FSI is firmly built and well wheedled. The awareness of build excellence and firmness is approximately a trademark of the VW/Audi group. The V-8 FSI pursues the V-10 TDI out the door, parting the rugged V-6 and its late-cycle-launch V-6 TDI as the lineup’s two offerings for 2010. The VR6 engine gives the Volkswagen Touareg improved speeding up than you’d look forward to and runs effortlessly and vibration free right up to the redline. The V-6s have negligible [...]

toyota-venza The Toyota Venza debuted for 2009 as a large hatchback that’s based on the Camry. Despite its practical hatchback body style, the Venza manages to look rather stylish in person. Credit the car’s proportions and interesting rear styling, which features swoopy taillights. The front of the Toyota Venza SUV is defined by its large grille, which could easily be at home on an SUV. Venza continues in a single trim level, with a choice of two engines and front- or all-wheel drive. The Venza adds Bluetooth and a standard USB port for connecting a MP3 player — like an iPod [...]

toyota-highlander The Toyota Highlander is a crossover SUV, meaning it is produced on a car platform, rather than a truck design. This midsize SUVs offer a mix of car- and truck-type construction, V6 and V8 power, and up to 7-passenger seating. The Highlander established a fresh four-cylinder base edition last year. A 3.5-liter V-6 powers the majority trims. A gas/electric Highlander Hybrid is also offered. Modest tweaks, but carryover prices for Toyota’s popular midsize SUV that offers carlike ride/comfort, 5/7-place seating, the choice of I-4/V-6 power, and FWD/AWD in base/Sport/Limited trims. Buyers can now add a moon-roof to the base four-cylinder [...]

toyota-f-j-cruiser Toyota’s retro-styled FJ Cruiser SUV re-creates some of the 1958 FJ40’s original charm. The FJ Cruiser settles for boxy styling on the external and dirt-friendly inside. FJ comes with rear-wheel drive or with four-wheel drive. The 2010 Toyota FJ Cruiser gets more power. The 4.0-liter V-6 gets variable valve timing and roller rocker arms, resulting in 20 horsepower more for a total of 259 hp. Toyota now suggests usual gas as an alternative to premium for the V-6. A new Special version model comes with off-road mechanism like Bilstein shock absorbers, a degree of difference lock, skid plates and BFGoodrich [...]

toyota-4runner Toyota redesigned the 4Runner for 2010. It is still a conventional SUV that is methodically accomplished crossways to any terrain. This SUV acquire beefier off-road equipments, new styling back to front, and enhanced gas mileage — although its competence falls short of most car-based crossovers’. For the initial point in time since the 2000 model year, the 4Runner also proposes a four-cylinder engine. There’s also a V-6, but last year’s elective V-8 is no longer obtainable. Rear-wheel drive is regular, with two types of four-wheel drive elective. Like its ancestor, the 4Runner proffers up to three row seating. Trim levels [...]

subaru-tribeca The latest model Subaru Tribeca SUV has had a superficial makeover and a new more powerful engine, in an effort to give the unusual Tribeca some mainstream appeal. It’s the only three-row SUV/crossover in Subaru’s lineup. The five-passenger versions are no longer offered, so all Subaru’s SUV models now have three rows of seats for seven-passenger capacity. A new Touring model has a moon-roof, navigation system and backup camera among its standard features. Reverse in standard/Limited trims, now with seating for seven occupants. Additionally gets external minor trim/headlamp tweaks and a regular rear A/C unit with devoted outlets plus reclining [...]

porsche-cayenne The redesigned Porsche Cayenne combines legendary Porsche sports car performance with convenient SUV utility. The Cayenne is Porsche’s only SUV. Whereas unconventional for the automaker, the SUV administers to preserve a sporty nature through dynamic suspension tuning and powerful power-trains. All Cayenne’s have all-wheel drive with low-range gearing and locking center differential. The all-wheel drive, which seats five passengers in the Porsche Cayenne , is on hand in a Base, an S, and a Turbo trim. Last year Porsche gave us the Turbo S, this year it’s the S Hybrid. It’s powered by a supercharged Audi 3.0L V-6 mated to a three-phase [...]

nissan-pathfinder The Nissan Pathfinder is a body-on-frame sport utility vehicle (SUV). It’s the smaller sibling to Nissan’s full-size Armada. This 7-passenger midsize SUV comes in S FE+, S, SE, and luxury-oriented LE trims. The SE off-road has been discontinued. The S FE+ is back-wheel drive and has power-train tugs designed to boost the fuel cost-cutting. The S and LE V8 are 4WD only. Internal room in Nissan’s Pathfinder is below equivalence with both second and third row seating being overcrowded - the back most seats are absolutely for kids only. Nissan’s midsize SUV gets a host of package revamps. The LE [...]

nissan-murano Based on Nissan’s Altima sedan platform, Murano is a 5 seater SUV (no 3rd-row seating available). The 2010 Nissan Murano is basically unaffected following its redesign for the 2009 model year. The top, LE trim level is now available with front- as well as all-wheel drive. Otherwise there are no significant changes for 2010. The midsize Murano (S/SL/LE) gets modest tweaks. Nissan’s FWD/AWD crossover adds a new FWD LE variant and makes Intelligent Key standard on S and SL models. As usual, when it comes to SUV models, the options list is extensive. Heated front and rear seats are available, [...]

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