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Top 4 Picks for Rollover SUVs.


Are you thinking of purchasing an SUV? Here are some of the top-picks of SUVs which have been rated the paramount in rollover rating. Most of us decide to go in for an SUV because of the enhanced space, the enormous size and other benefits that come with an SUV. But because of all these enhancements and enormous size they are prone to rollovers and accidents some even quite fatal. Nevertheless, due to their growing popularity and with more legal cases filed against them, automobile manufacturers have been spending pots of money trying to improvise the safety measures and prevent rollovers in SUVs.

The NHTSA also plays a huge role in determining whether the SUV is safe and offers a 5-star rating for the best models which they find safe in crash tests and rollover tests. The 5-star is the highest rating for being the best and here are some of the top 4 picks of AWD SUVs which have been rated 5-star for the year 2010. There have been other SUVs which didn’t quite make it to the 5-star and earned a 4-star but here are the four that made it to the top and still is in the affordable range.

The Chevrolet Traverse:

The 2010 Traverse is Chevrolet’s way of getting even with popular SUVs like GMC Acadia/ Saturn/ Outlook/ Buick Enclave. In order to make the SUV as popular as its siblings, the Traverse has been created with a lot of emphasis on safety and even comes equipped with the standard GM’s StabiliTrak Electronic Stability Control system with traction control. In case if there is a rollover accident, the SUV has 6 standard airbags which have rollover sensors and curtain airbags for all of the passengers in 3 rows.

Nissan Murano:

This SUV has become one of the most famous crossovers from the house of Nissan. The Nissan Murano has additional safety features like Nissan’s Vehicle Dynamic Control system that helps sustain the wheels firmly to the ground. To prevent SUV rollover accidents, the SUV has standard roof-mounted curtain airbags on all trim levels.

Subaru Tribeca:

All of the Subaru SUV vehicles are equipped with AWD that can assist driving an SUV with enhanced stability in comparison to front and rear-wheel-drive. The Tribeca SUV also follows the rule of the house and comes with AWD but has additional safety features of Subaru’s Vehicle Dynamics Control system including a frame toughened with high-graded steel. Along with the regular safety equipment this SUV has sophisticated side curtain airbags with rollover sensors.

Toyota Highlander:

The most famous of all SUVs, the Toyota Highlander comes equipped with Toyota’s Enhanced Vehicle Stability Control and traction control systems, along with rollover-sensing side curtain airbags for all of the passengers in the 3 rows.

The above are some of the top picks for rollover safety SUVs; there are other models too and consumers need to find the one that suits their requirements, budgets and safety needs before they decide to go for it.

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