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SUV Rollover prevention Tips and Suggestions


In the early 1980’s Sport Utility Vehicles (SUVs) turned out to be known for a higher occurrence of rollovers. The cause for this higher frequency of rollover accidents is due in part to the higher outline design of SUVs. Rollover crashes result in 36% more passenger injuries than non-rollover accidents, according to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration.

When an SUV is maneuvered hard to avoid a predictable risk, it can increase the possibility of the vehicle to rollover. Other reasons of SUV rollovers are connected with auto shortcomings such as weak roofs and safety control system failures. By SUV manufacturer’s accepting new SUV standards, auto industry and central government records show that the risk of rollovers could be significantly decreased. A study was carried out by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety illustrated that when auto makers lower SUVs from the ground by just an inch, deaths decrease by approximately half.

The majority of SUV rollover accidents happen after the vehicle goes off the road. This condition is usually the result of the driver losing control of the vehicle. A ditch, soft soil, curb or other factor can initiate the rollover accident once the SUV is off the pavement. The reason is that rollover crashes result in more head injury and vehicle ejections.

Common Causes of SUV Rollovers

Merge a high center of gravity with a reasonably narrow wheel-to-wheel ratio and you have an SUV rollover accident ahead of you to happen. It’s simple physics. Taking into consideration the state of the auto industry in today’s financial environment, it’s not likely that auto makers will be making many redesigns. So, here’s a look at other causes for SUV rollovers:

Auto parts malfunction

Tire blowouts

Driver error

Rollover Tips That Could Save Your Life

Many devastating injuries can happen during an SUV rollover accident, including spinal cord injuries, multiple fractures and brain injuries. Roof breakdown, along with window and windshield letdown, can worsen the level of rollover injuries.

However, here are a few tips to help avoid an SUV rollover crash:

• Buy smart – check rollover statistics of the SUV you are considering and avoid buying a taller vehicle with narrower distance between the back two tires

• Drive an SUV like an SUV – passenger vehicles don’t drive like SUVs, so take the time to learn the braking, handling and acceleration on an SUV

• Drive safely – most rollover crashes occur when an SUV leaves a main road, so drive with caution and avoid any cell phone use that is not hands-free

• Be weather aware – driving in snow, rain or fog, as well as driving on rural roads with more potholes will increase your chances of a rollover

• Avoid over correction – over steering when you run off the edge of a road may cause your SUV to lose balance and roll

• Maintain your SUV – tire maintenance is especially important on an SUV, so check tire pressure often for a balanced air fill on all tires

• Balance your load – if you carry heavy or large items in your SUV, make sure that they are balanced from one side of the car to the other, because centrifugal force is a big factor in rollover crashes

• Always wear seatbelts – when an SUV rolls, your chances of serious injury or death are higher with any full and partial vehicle eviction.

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