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5 Most Highly Rated SUVs for Crash Safety

If you ask a SUV owner for the actual reasons why they bought an SUV without question one of the answers will not be fuel economy but will have to do with their opinion that this type of motor vehicle is “safer.” And from the time these vehicles are regularly used as “family cars,” shouldn’t we all be choosing the safest vehicle for our loved ones? But how safe is your SUV?

As several people are aware of the drawbacks such as SUV rollover is one of the deadliest accidents that can happen on the road. Unfortunately, though, it was only just that Safety Governing body started testing the roof strength of SUVs as new Government laws will soon authorize that a this vehicle is able to carry 3 times its gross vehicle weight on its roof. Hence, do you think your old Ford Explorer is on the list?

These SUVs were checked and examined by the IIHS (Insurance Institute for Highway Safety) for highest front, side, rear, and rollover and whiplash protection for all passengers. It may possibly just mean they haven’t done the rollover section of testing yet as is true for models like the Acura MDX and BMW X5.

Here are the safest SUVs.

Subaru Forester


This accomplished five seat SUV comes with an all-wheel drive as standard and Subaru’s record continues to be very good at its safety. According to the central government’s crash tests the 2010 Forester tops five-star scores for driver and occupants’ security in frontal crash tests plus front- and rear-seat passenger safety in side crash tests.

In addition the Forester gets four-star rollover score, which stands for the 17% risk of rollover in a single vehicle crash. Drivers in need for speed have am option in the 2010 Forester as its also available with a turbocharged engine but generally it comes with Subaru’s 2.5 liter 170 horse power flat four cylinder motor. The Forester in fact has plenty of steering feel and can truly be fun to drive, which is a one-off in the SUV category.

Volkswagen Tiguan


According to the central government’s crash tests the 2010 Tiguan receives a five-star safety score for occupant security in all seating positions in both front and side crash tests.

In addition the Tiguan gets four-star rollover scores, which stands for the FWD and AWD models have an 18% and 17% risk of rollover, respectively, in a single motor vehicle crash.

Honda Element


The first package on wheels, the Element is still revolutionary nowadays. According to the central government’s crash tests the 2010 Honda Element top five-star scores for front and side impact crash tests. Nonetheless, the Element gets three-stars score in rollover tests, when many SUVs receive four. The scores stands for the front-wheel-drive and all-wheel-drive Elements have a 21% and 20% chance of rollover, respectively, in a single motor vehicle crash.

A “Dog Friendly Package” on wheels is available for all the dog lovers and fans that gives a built in crash analysis resistant crate, a dog entry access ramp, built in water bowl, pet fan that stays on when you park the car and even dog bone upholstery. The 2010 Element is not only safe for your family but it is also secure for your dog. In several American families, sometimes the dog is the best loved member of the family.

Volvo XC60


Of course yes, it’s a Volvo and its safe. Protection tests conducted by the insurance industry the Volvo XC60 gets top scores for frontal offset, side impact and rear crash, earning it a “Top Safety Pick” label. Volvo XC60 also gets a top score for roof strength tests. One of the 2010 XC60’s strongest features is its high-tech safety equipment.

It can automatically stop itself when it senses a car stopped in front. But does it have to be so boring? Let’s hope the new owners of Volvo get this company out of the design depression. In a crash it will keep your family safe and alive. Am sure you knew that.

Dodge Journey


This delightfully styled Dodge 7-passenger SUV is going to be imported back to Italy in a badge exchange deal that will make this the Lancia Journey. According to the central government’s crash tests the 2010 Journey receives top scores of five stars for driver and occupant safety in frontal crashes and for front- and rear-seat passenger protection in side crashes. It’s on par with other SUVs in this category as it gets four-star rollover scores.

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