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4 Reasons Not to Buy a Cheap SUV


Sports utility vehicles can be costly, but you can find appropriate models that are within your budget. SUVs are popular as family vehicles, as cargo transporters, or just for those long business trips you may have to take. They are dependable, powerful, stylish, and also a sensible preference for many drivers.

Buying a cheap SUV can get you into a world of problems. Here are a few reasons why it is better to spend the extra dollar on a better SUV.

1. SUVs are the leading gas guzzlers on the road. The fuel economy ratios on some SUVs are very bad. Getting 15 miles per gallon or lesser is making people pay more at the pump, and more often. Low-priced SUVs can have reduced fuel efficiency, which end up being a waste of money. It’s better to spend a little more upfront, in exchange for better fuel financial system for the duration of your car.

2. Inexpensive SUVs are more prone to regular breakdowns. Not to say that the better SUVs don’t go down, it just means that low-priced SUVs are probable to break down more frequently than a more expensive SUV.

3. Building on reason number two, low-priced SUVs don’t come with as good of warranties as more costly SUVs do. A luxury SUV is covered bumper to bumper, generally with the best warranty. For a cheap SUV, you may be paying a lot of the repair bill, and your car may take extra time to repair.

4. Cheaper SUVs may not have most recent safety features installed. Luxury SUVs are typically the first ones to get the latest technologies like the electronic stability control, rollover sensors, lane departure warnings and other advanced safety features. Chances are a low-priced SUV may only have airbags and not much else when it comes to the most recent security technology.

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  • If possible, stay off the road during heavy thunderstorms. Large flashes of lightning can temporarily blind and disorient drivers, and the accompanying high winds and heavy rain can create deadly driving conditions.

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