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Hire an SUV For a Rural Vacation

There are many great reasons to hire an SUV to take on vacation if you don’t have one already. For one, there’s loads of space in the back, and secondly you’ll get almost anywhere with their off and on-road capabilities.

Hiring an SUV is an absolutely fantastic way of getting around and exploring the countryside. There are few better ways to escape from the world and really enjoy a break from the grind than loading up a car and heading out on an open road heading for the hills.


Of course it’s advisable to rent a cabin, hotel or holiday villa somewhere to sleep in, unless you enjoy camping and can guarantee decent conditions for it at the time of your vacation.

Whether with the family, on an isolated romantic break with a significant other, or simply getting away with some friends for the weekend, there are loads you can do once your SUV has gotten you to your chosen destination.

Maybe you’ll be staying in an area where shooting and fishing are the norm, giving you the opportunity to learn both these skills. Or perhaps you’ll go back to basics and take a hike around the area, going for a picnic and getting to know the few locals that might be about.

Perhaps an unexpected storm might send you back indoors one day. If that’s the case, you’ll want to make sure that packed away in the roomy trunk of your SUV, you’ve kept some supplies. Whether it’s extra biscuits and a game of twister or something far more hi-tech and compact like a tablet which will allow you to play loads of free bingo games via, you’ll certainly have room for it in your SUV.

So next time you’re considering a short break or vacation in a more rural setting, think about taking an SUV. It’s a smart choice and caters to all your needs.

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