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Buying SUV Parts with a New SUV

Just like any other appliance, a new SUV will unavoidably break-down and sooner or later you will need to buy parts to change the ones that wear out. There are different advantages and disadvantages when you are buying parts for your SUV, owing to your standing as a new owner.



• Voluntarily available parts: SUV automakers usually intend to have their new models attain the widest possible reach. One concern that buyers have with new models is the availability of parts. They are apt to purchase SUV’s if they know parts are offered. The automakers know this and they offer dealers and repair shops with lots of SUV parts for new SUV buyers.

• Concessions and rebates: A new SUV is not supposed to breakdown at least until the warranty period expires. The warranty does not cover consumables but the concept is a bit hard to explain to new SUV owners. Several SUV manufactures give good concessions and rebates on consumable parts. Before buying new parts for your SUV at full price, inquire from your dealer if they are offering any reduction or rate cut downs and highlight the fact that you bought a brand new SUV from them.

• Warranty period: Many good dealers will not only place the major parts of the SUV under warranty but will also offer free of charge replacements for “consumable” parts like light bulbs, wiper blades and fuses. The amount of coverage you get will probably depend on your relationship with your dealer.


• Lack of qualified service centers: This drawback is most enthusiastically experienced by owners of latest SUVs which are a cutting edge products rarely seen on the roads. This applies particularly to new SUV models that use technologies recently invented or developed to qualify under new legislation. For instance the new rules require clean and green emissions. Owing to the probabilities of new processes involved, it can be difficult for you to find service centers in your area that will sell the parts you need.

• Relatively expensive: If you don’t have a good relationship with your dealer, you might find that sourcing parts for your new SUV may be difficult. A number of dealers even take undue advantage when they are the only dealer in your area can supply the parts you need. You possibly will need to consider the costs of going across states to get parts for you SUV, or be stuck with the nearest dealer and his high profit margins. Whichever way, you are looking at a highly expensive purchase.

• Impaired decision-making: Usually, new SUV owners are still in the honeymoon stage with their ride. This time and again has an effect on the decision-making process, leading to a more pricey purchase on what otherwise would be a commodity part. For instance, your SUV may only need a replacement of the worn out wiper blades but you could be convinced to buy new wiper motors by a salesman’s claim that these motors are more energy-efficient etc.

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