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2010 Honda Element
2010 Honda Element - Styles
The Honda Element SUV styled several years ago was meant for those who were interested in outdoor fu [...] 
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MSRP: From $20525 to $25585
Invoice: From $19110 to $23803
Fuel EconomyFuel Economy
(20 City / 25 Hwy mpg)
Overall: 8.1 Performance: 7.4
Exterior: 7.8 Interior: 7.6
Safety: 9.9 Reliability: N/A

7 Style(s) available for 2010 Honda Element.

2010 Honda Element Overview.

The Honda Element SUV styled several years ago was meant for those who were interested in outdoor fun and many found this SUV quite impressive for its neat path and sufficient space to seat four adults and the cargo. Appealing to almost everyone, the Honda Element was touted to be the best for space efficiency and even the boxy exterior never undeterred its success. The Honda Element 2010 SUV has been designed with the same attractive style and utility but with the added benefit of a Dog-Friendly Package for pet lovers.

The Dog Friendly Package has been designed to safely transport your pet in a completely enclosed kennel located in the cargo space. The SUV package consists of a padded bed and in –built water bowl with an extended ramp that is put away under the kennel for easy entry and exit of your pet, a ventilation fan located at the rear with rubberized floor mats and dirt/ water resistant second-row seat wrappers.

With exception to the Dog-Friendly Package, the Honda Element 2010 SUV has not changed much and continues to please with its realism and user-friendly personality. The Honda Element 2010 SUV has side doors designed along the lines of cargo-vans which provides easy loading and unloading of hulking cargo. To enhance utility, this SUV has rear-seats which can be tossed to the sides or detached entirely. The synchronized engineering and compact size makes the Honda Element 2010 SUV progress around city streets and highways like a zephyr.

The Honda Element 2010 SUV Review:

Though many feel that the Honda Element 2010 SUV lacks relaxed room space or a sporty-look like other SUVs of its class it still manages to outrival others at providing hardy efficacy and stands apart in its class. The waterproof flooring and the excessive cargo space is the perfect combination for any pet owner or outdoor aficionado. The other endearing feature of the Honda Element 2010 SUV is the way it handles especially during bad weather conditions and this SUV efficiently heaves cargo and passenger safely as possible. Also, the inexpensive price tag for the Honda Element 2010 SUV makes it a desirable option when compared to other SUVs of its class however; the fuel economy is on the low side with a rating of 20 mpg in city drives and 25 on highways. Nevertheless, the Honda Element 2010 SUV makes up for these tiny imperfections by being the best bet in utility and safety.

2010 Honda Element Pros:

  • Robust and impermeable cabin base for storage.
  • Rear-rows can be arranged for terrific cargo space.
  • Exterior Design is Unique and Innovative.
  • Dog-Friendly Package for dog owners is a Big Plus!

2010 Honda Element Cons:

  • Unless front doors are opened, rear side doors do not open.
  • Lack of adequate cushion in seats especially the in the rear.
  • Not as comfortable as other SUVs in rides.
  • Low towing capability for an SUV of this class.

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