Toyota Motor Corporation developed its first generation Land Cruiser in 1951 and in the year 2011 celebrating its 60th anniversary it has proved to be the lowest depreciating SUV and has better value than others.

Image Source : http://bit.ly/sAtpO4
The cost of owning a car depends on the value of its depreciation (the car’s decrease in value over time). The Japanese car maker managed to bring its Toyota Land Cruiser on top of the list of cars suffering the least depreciation.
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Usually if a car maker is lagging with its sales then it tends to launch [...]


When every other auto company is busy pouring out a new SUV concept from its kettle, why should MG not get an opportunity to participate? Well, it was given a fair opportunity and the British automaker presented its Icon concept SUV. In recent years, MG hasn’t been able to maintain itself in news for any interesting reasons. It has been associated with names like MGA, MGB and Midget, but since a last few years, all it has done is change owners. Especially, when it comes to SUVs, MG has nothing to talk about and with this concept car, it is [...]


Though by a minuscule margin, Honda CR-V has scored more than the closest competitor Mazda CX-5 in the small SUV tests as conducted by the Consumer Reports. Both SUVs faired impressively, but with its better cargo and passenger seating capabilities and easy access, Honda CR-V finally made it to the top. Basically, Honda’s orientation towards the family crowd has helped this automaker bag the award.

In comparison, both Honda CR-V and Mazda CX-5 accommodate equal number of passengers, have almost similar stats and they are available in front and all wheel drive. Moreover, the pricing structure too is comparable, but they [...]

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